SunshineWear Benefits...

The list of school “uniform” ** benefits is long:

1. Save money on school clothes
2. Develop school identity
3. Reduce peer pressure
4. Eliminate early morning dressing hassles
5. Create campus security
6. Increase school pride
7. Enjoy better behavior in school = better grades
8. Garments geared to school activities
9. Continuity of styles, colors, ‘look’
10. Personal attention to service, etc.

** SunshineWear has created a “mandatory, standardized mix-and-match dress code”. Students can have
age-appropriate garments and styles that offer choices and styles within your school’s program guidelines
allowing students a structured opportunity to express their individualism!

The SunshineWear school uniform is special because our garments are:
Permanent press
Stain resistant
Better constructed with: Growth features such as expandable waists and generous hems.
Triple sewn pleats.
Single needle detailing.
Top stitched for style and strength.
Reinforced knees in boys pants.
Our own “Soft Touch” plaids or a variety of fabric content options.

Students wear their uniforms 230+ days each year and usually for extended hours. With this in mind, SunshineWear has designed our garments to be attractive, comfortable, and most importantly, durable.